scale (2010)

directed performance, performing: Paweł Smagała, The National Opera, Warsaw

Taking as a model the throaty singing from Tuva (Sainkho Namtchylak) I practise with an actor how to produce a sound that would vibrate all the body, and would cause a tremble that enables very loud singing. The actor was dressed in overalls made of pink feathers. A feathery creature without a face. In a mask that covers the head there is only a hole for his mouth through which he sings, squeals, howls. The actor’s task is to communicate with the space of the building of the National Opera. The creature I bring to life is scared and disoriented. The language he uses is the singing I mentioned above. After the rehearsal of the communication with the empty yet ornamental and fully decorated space of the Opera, the actor falls from the stairs. He performs the fall by rolling down.