jubilee (2008)

performance, Witryna Gallery, Warsaw

Witryna Gallery is the smallest gallery space in Warsaw, as well as one that works as a shop window, associated with a shop rather than a gallery space. Within the framework of the “Jubilee” performance I let the viewers go inside so they could feel exhibited, so that they could become a part of this space, so that they gave up for a while their function of a safe “viewer”.
The object I decided to exhibit in the “Witryna” was meant to be an object that arouses desire; I chose a cake, a huge cake that filled the greater part of the window. I reworked the space to look like “laboratory”: only white accessories, my white clothing, the slow motions I made, and the sound atmosphere that objectified me and distanced me from the space. The space and the costume determined that. I hoped that the event in the “Witryna” was “ritual-like” and unreal in a sense so that the act of eating of the work – the cake – was also a sensual act of absorbing and experiencing art by means of the body, and by means of one’ own image put to the public view in the act of eating.