a woman’s monologue (2009)

directed performance, performing: Aleksanra Cwen, 20’, Dramatic Theatre, Opole

The performance was realised as a side-event during the making of “Odyssey” directed by K. Garbaczewski for the Dramatic Theatre in Opole and was included in it, although it can work as a separate form. The text (the fragment of Molly Bloom’s monologue from James Joyce’s “Ulysses”) became a pretext for the character of this performance. The actress was given a set of tasks which were to set her body in the right way to speak the words.
During the first several minutes the actress is walking to and fro repeating “yes” and shaking her head to “no”. She makes these movements to the point when she gets tired and falls. When she falls, barely breathing, she begins her monologue, continuing pronouncing the “yes”. The performance is, on the one hand, my subjective interpretation of Joyce’s text, and on the other it is an operation on the body of the actress, whom I “interrupt” in pronouncing her speech by giving her complicated physical tasks. The actress fights both against the text, her will to say it, and against the tasks I imposed on her.