jagódka (2007)

video, DVD PAL, 7ʼ58ʼʼ

“Jagódka” is a children’s story. A film-recording of the act of reading of Brothers Grimm’s “Jagódka”. The image was doubled, making 2 overlapping layers appear one a bit later than the other. This produces a “hallucinatory” effect of the double image with a delay. The sound has been reworked so that the voice seems to come “from a well”; one can hear a clear echo. All the “additional” sounds, naturally silent, like turning of a page, or the touch of a hand on the stockings and earrings, smacking noise, swallowing, shuffling, breath were made unnaturally louder. It contrasts with the image recorded clearly inside a room. A girl, again the artist, sits on a pile of pink pillows, a stove in the background. The girl is wearing clothes that make her look ridiculous or infantile. A pointed hat, too short skirt, stockings with a big flowery pattern. She is holding a book and reads aloud from it. The fairy tale stops right before the happy ending, when the story is at its most catastrophic moment.