crops / preserves (2006)

video (DVD PAL, 5’51’’) + photographs 7(70x100) + slideshow

The series was realized during my stay in Kuenstlerhaus in Dortmund in 2006 and was presented there for the first time. Crops/preserves is an installation that includes three parts: a film, seven pictures and a slide show.
The film made up of seven sequences leads the viewer with the author-protagonist along the track marked by the crops. The protagonist, dressed up as a figure from a fairy tale, a bit like the Little Red Riding Hood, a girl with a red wicker basket, wanders around the city in search of colourful shapes such as balls of wool and pieces of fabric. Each time the protagonist goes to a well known place as if she had planted or left there something she is picking now. This way a new map is put over the existing structure of the city, new reality on the illusory reality that we know and which makes it possible for us to function socially. Pieces of fabric and balls of wool stop being what they are due to the new coding. They can rather become identified as fruit or something we cannot name.
The second part of the installation is photographs. Seven presentations of the collected objects. Each time the photographed figure takes the pose that she took during the act of picking and corresponds to each stage of the film. These figures make up an alphabet, each of the figures is a part of the ritual.
The third part of the series is a slide show. Ten slides form a sequence that refers to the second part of the title: preserves. In this part the protagonist inhabits her own world. It is a world made of Styrofoam, a world of flat figures that look like a tree, a house, a hedgehog, a bird. The way the protagonist functions in this world is sham, because this is what the world is like. The collected objects find their use in the Styrofoam world. From shot to shot the image gets more and more colourful, but it stays flat.