an unknown land - 12 falls (2007)

photographs 12(70x100) + slideshow

“In the landscape of temporary architecture I feel like an alien”. This thought has haunted me for long until today. Unable to locate myself in an absurd landscape built from the parts of non-matching elements of pseudo-architecture, green squares, small “funfairs”, slag heaps of accidentally and “randomly” poured out materials, I feel strange. This strangeness is caused by looking on the world as if with an eye of a “visitor from a different planet” who, being overwhelmed with strangeness does not understand the landscape, does not read it, and cannot move, so he falls and crawls. This series is an expression of my opposition and weakness when confronted with the “mess” of the surrounding public space of Polish cities. It was realised in Chełm, a small town near the Ukrainian border which is at the same time a town where I come from and which by its “mediocrity” is just like a hundred other Polish cities and towns.
The series is divided into three parts. The first part is a set of 12 photographs/landscapes where each time the figure of an “alien” falls against the background of a motionless landscape. The landscape lasts stubbornly in its ugliness, and the figure lies. The second part is an analysis of the falls, presented in the form of a “slide show” where the isolates figure of the “alien” repeats the 12 “falls” from the previous part. As if studying the very act of falling. Due to the suggestion of the movement of each slide the viewer may think that the figure crawls without moving. The third part is a performance that accompanies the previous parts; the artists dressed as an “alien” lies as an object in the gallery (the place where the work is exhibited).