5 lullabies (2006)

video (DVD PAL, 24’26’’) + photographs 10(50x70)

5 short films following the same outline: the camera meets a girl, follows her, the girl is encountered while performing common activity: going, waking, at the same time she seems to follow a trajectory she only knows herself, what is more she is not a part of the traffic, she does not react to the voices outside, but she is looking around, looking for something. She achieves her goal, she performs an act- a spell that transfers her, makes her disappear.
The title of the film comes from an observed situation of singing a lullaby on the bus stop by Diethild, a girl met in Dortmund. This situation has grown and inspired me to search for the similarly magical events or to provoke them. Olga, the next woman-protagonist tells me about her Kazakh background, about her displaced person’s past, about a carpet, the last thing that is left from Kazakhstan.
I meet Olga at an ice-cream shop, I follow her, Olga goes to a place where she lives, she crosses the doorstep, wraps herself in the carpet and disappears.
After recording sessions-walks with the next five women I ask them to borrow me their clothes that they wore during the filming. Turning myself into the protagonists of the film I imitate two gestures of each of them building this way an alphabet, and finally a choreography-code that allows me to teleport. The code of the dream, the code that liberates from the today-now, that brings back to girl-child.